Digital Autographs

Artists, influencers and celebrities can create unique digital signatures for their fans from anywhere in the world. All they need is a smartphone and a desire to make a fan happy.

How it works...

A special guest (such as Jason Mewes) takes part in an online event, being at home. However, his interaction with fans is not limited by distance.

1. Jason Mewes is at home and at your online convention at the same time.

2. On, he receives requests for autographs from fans.

3. Jason opens a request and sign a pic directly on the display of his smartphone. 


Jason's fans on the other side of the world, as well as attendees of the offline event, receive autographs and personal messages from their favorite star, which can be printed or shared on social networks.

...and more


Fans can interact with their idol in the Fanself app and on the website.


Quests with rewards from a celeb stimulate fan activity.


Twitch and Youtube streams can be restreamed on Fanself's website and in the app.

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