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Fanself is

a service that entertains your followers and fans in a way that nothing else did before.

We have the social features and streams you are used to plus unusual game mechanics, competitions, and interactive content created by geeks for geeks.

Already familiar services...

 Streams & Challenge Ticket Sales

Twitch & Youtube Restreaming

Appealing & Handy Consive Website

Stream & Event calendar

Your Merch & Products Sales

Castings for Contests & Competitions

Turn you Fanself page into a a meeting place for your fans. It's very easy!

Social network with a leveling-up system, streams, competitions, creative contests and quests. Use Fanself to interact or share your creations with a wider audience.

...and new entertaining features

Competitions & Creative Contests

Digital Autographs in the App

SNS with Interactive Posts & Leveling-Up

Quests & Badges

Virtual Spaces

Unique Feature #1

Sign Digital 

Autographs Online

For a true fan, it's priceless to touch their idol and get something to collect. 

In the Fanself app, you can personally sign autographs from anywhere in the world.

Add video messages with comments on what fans send you. Make them happy and they will follow you wherever you go!

Unique Feature #2

Run Various Competitions 

Invite your audience to participate in a cosplay competition or creative contest, and we will provide convenient tools.

Rating tables, voting, awards.

Unique Feature #3

Be in Touch With Fans on an Unusual Social Network

We've created something fundamentally new for social interaction. A social network in which regular posts become mini games and help generate cool geek content. And all your actions aretied to the fan leveling-up! 

Shipping schemes, fightings, cosplay comparisons, fancy polls and more.

Unique Feature #4

Create Quests and Reward With Badges

Come up with interesting tasks to complete at home or at an offline event. Invite fans to show off their collections of comics or action figures, do something with their own hands, cosplay a favorite character, or just have fun. 

Access to the quest can be limited by an activation code, and the results can be moderated. Flexible Fanself settings will help easily integrate quest mechanics into any event or experience, instantly increasing the degree of its fun.

Unique Feature #5

Intermingle in Virtual Spaces

Unusual group video chat with customization of its appearance, where you can break up into small groups, chatting and interacting, like at a real mass event. 

Unique Feature #6

Sell Tickets for Online Activities

Access to any activity within your group, like competitions, master classes, quests or streams, can be limited by purchasing a ticket.

This way you can attract more donations and monetize your creativity.

Unique Feature #7

Conduct Castings to Select the Right Folks

Do you want to find pros to join the team or hold a competition, but only among selected participants? Our tools will allow you to create detailed forms, and you'll be able to moderate applications, select candidates and correspond with them in a special mobile app.

Unique Feature #8

Create a professional portfolio

Have a special skill and want to have a portfolio? Describe your talents in detail and outline the terms of cooperation using a special module in your personal profile.

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