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Fanself is

a service that will help organize an online & offline pop-culture event, as well as entertain attendees with built-in games, quests, autographs, competitions, and much more.

Anything your audience is used to offline can be improved with Fanself. Improved and moved to online!

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Convert your convention to an online event.

It's very easy with Fanself!

Cosplay competitions, fairs, exhibitions, master classes can be held online. Our virtual panels, quest mechanics and digital autographs will add fun and make your event unforgettable for attendees.

...and new entertaining features


Special Guests' Autographs

Geeky Social Network

Quests & Badges


Virtual Spaces

Unique Feature #1

Digital Autographs From Special Guests

Actors, musicians, bloggers, eSportsmen can sign photos sent through the app for fans and attendees: posters, toys, merchandise, and so on. The signature will be personal, and this “digital touch” is just as dear as the real one.

For the most dedicated fans, special guests can send a personal message or video commentary, adding even more value to the autograph. And it's possible from anywhere in the world!

Unique Feature #2

Online Contests for Performers and Creators

Set conditions and rewards, then invite cosplayers, artists, writers and other creative people to compete for your prizes or glory, without leaving their homes.

Unique Feature #3

Online Quests

Come up with interesting tasks to complete at home or at an offline event. Invite fans to show off their collections of comics or action figures, create something with their own hands, cosplay a favorite character, or just have fun.

Access to a quest can be limited by an activation code, and the results can be moderated. With Fanself's flexible tools you'll easily integrate quest mechanics into any event, instantly increasing the degree of its fan.

Unique Feature #4

Tickets for Online Activities

Sell tickets for your online or offline event through Fanself. If you wish, limit certain online activities, such as competitions, quests or panels with special guests, with tickets.

Unique Feature #5

Castings to Select Participants and Staff 

Select participants for tournaments, cosplay competitions, panels or recruit staff. Fanself's flexible tools help you create handy and detailed applications like in the Google Forms (or better).

Unique Feature #6

Website & Mobile Apps

You and your audience can enjoy Fanself on any device. We have developed separate apps for Android and iOS, as well as made a responsive web version of the site.

A dedicated app for staff and guests helps you manage your event from anywhere in the world.

Application for fans and attendees: iOS, Android

Application for event managers and special guests: iOS, Android

Unique Feature #7

Offline Mode for Online Activities

Thanks to the synchronization feature, attendees are able to access any event content, even with a weak Internet connection.

Unique Feature #8

Profiles for Performers 

and Creators

Contestants and panelists (cosplayers, artists, crafters, eSportsmen, etc.) can fill out a special tab in their profiles, describing and illustrating all their skills and services. It's easy to find the right people for your event using such portfolios.

Unique Feature #9

Listing, and Modern 

Event Page

The main page of your event will automatically be filled with relevant information, buttons for buying tickets and submitting applications, announcements of activities, and so on.

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