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for fab clubs
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Fanself is

a service that empowers your community with new opportunities for entertainment, creativity, and other aspects of passion for a brand, fictional universe, artist, or team.

We offer everything that you are used to on FB and supplement it with unusual and specific features designed especially for fans.

Already familiar services...

Theme Posting & Comments

Twitch or Youtube Restreaming

Hip & Edgy Group Page

Move your community to Fanself. It's very easy!

A place where only your hobbies matter. Fanself is created by avid pop culture fans for like-minded people. Every detail, be it games, quests, or post templates, is unique. This will never appear on FB,  or other social networks.

...and new entertaining features

Competitions & Creative Contests

SNS with Geek Posts & Leveling-Up

Quests & Badges

Merchandise Sales

Virtual Spaces

Casting-Based Contests

Unique Feature #1

Generate Geeky Content

We've developed a social network that grasps the essence of pop culture fans. By generating posts on Fanself, you can specify topics, genres, subgenres, spoilers, berserk triggers, canonicity, and other small but important for geeks details.

Each post type has its own unique template like a shipping scheme, fighting  or poll. And this collection will grow!

Unique Feature #2

Make Up Quests & Reward Completers With Badges

Create tasks for your community. Invite fans to show off their collections of comics or action figures, create something with their own hands, cosplay a favorite character, or just have fun.

Regardless of the varied geography of your group, members can complete quests and receive rewards from anywhere in the world in the Fanself app.

Unique Feature #3

Run Games

Use our custom post templates for interactive fighting games or cosplay competitions. With voting, rounds and prizes for participants.

Unique Feature #4

Interact in Virtual Spaces

Unusual group video chat with customization of its appearance, where you can break up into small groups, chatting and interacting, like at a real mass gathering.

Discuss the latest premieres, new games, books, comics and characters in themed chat rooms.

Unique Feature #5

Conduct Contests

For entertainment, create competitions to stimulate activity within the group. A wide range of tools will allow you to flexibly customize the victory conditions and prizes.

In addition, ordinary competitions can be based on casting mechanics, for which a special module is provided.

Unique Feature #6

Fill Out Fan

Professional Profiles

Each member of the group can create and design their own fan profile. Indicate your favorite genres, characters, knowledge of fictional languages, choose a geeky religion and fill the page with content.

For creative people, we came up with a portfolio module. Add examples of your work, describe skills, set prices and terms of cooperation.


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